“As a first generation college student, I have learned to overcome obstacles with hard work, just like my parents did when they moved here from Ecuador to provide us with a better life. I have been working part-time to help provide for my family’s well-being. Scholarships provide me with the support to continue my education. I hope that you see the value in your donations and continue to give back to deserving students.”
Shirley Paredes
University of Illinois at Chicago, December 2016 (expected)
Textbook Scholarship Recipient & Student Ambassador 

“With two siblings in college and my mother’s recent breast cancer diagnosis, the cost of continuing education has put a financial strain on my family. My job as a teaching assistant and this scholarship provide me with the financial support necessary to finish my undergraduate studies, pursue my Master’s, and obtain the CPA credential.”
Brian McKeown
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, May 2016 (expected)
Accounting Tuition Scholarship Recipient

“I am the youngest of nine children and became homeless in high school. I didn't want my situation to hold me back, so I still enrolled in college and learned to ask for help. With donations like yours, I have been able to afford an apartment and my continued education. Now I can focus on my future without worrying about where to sleep each night.”
Olicia Wynter
Western Illinois University, May 2016 (expected)
Mary T. Washington Wylie Scholar & Student Ambassador

“Despite being deployed in Kuwait and working over 50 hours a week, I have chosen to continue advancing my education through the online courses available to me every semester. When I return from my deployment, I will complete my degree in accounting. This education, combined with my military credits, will leave me CPA eligible. Thanks to this scholarship, I am one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a CPA.”
Angela Dyson
Illinois Army National Guard | Online Courses While on Military Leave
Accounting Tuition Scholarship Recipient

“I am a financially independent father balancing a full-time schedule at school and at work. For students like me, your donations allow for more time studying, rather than spending that time earning minimum wage to pay the bills. This scholarship means so much more than its monetary value. I am eager to join this esteemed profession and become a productive member who gives back.”
Victor Frescas 
DePaul University, June 2015 (expected) | Retail Consultant, Sprint Corporation 
Textbook Scholarship Recipient & Mary T. Washington Wylie Scholar

“My mom, who is legally blind, worked at a local nonprofit to support me and my brothers on a single income. She taught me that you can’t change the cards you are dealt, but with hard work you can rise above any obstacle. I worked hard throughout school because I knew I’d have to rely on scholarships in order to afford my higher education. I didn’t want to deny myself the opportunity of pursuing accounting, solely because I couldn’t afford a quality education.”
Kierra Smith
Augustana College, May 2014 | Audit Assistant, Deloitte LLP
Accounting Tuition Scholarship Recipient & Mary T. Washington Wylie Scholar