The ICPAS Strategy Academy is a multi-day, case-based program, primarily focused on professionals in public accounting who provide audit, tax or accounting services to clients.

At the completion of the ICPAS Strategy Academy, learners will be able to apply strategic thinking and communication skills that will help them proactively offer strategic insight to their clients as a component of providing their normal audit, tax or accounting services.  Ultimately, they will learn to help their clients identify opportunities and risks, envision new business strategies, and become more profitable.

The Details:

Session 1: November 6, 2024
Strategy Frameworks Lab
  • Learn about various strategy frameworks and understand how to identify what drives a business’s value, growth and profitability.
  • Focus on the use of the Return Driven Strategy framework.
  • Apply and assess the Return Driven Strategy framework in audit, tax, or accounting service engagements to provide strategic insights in improving client profitability and value

Session 2: November 7, 2024
Value Drivers Lab
  • Understand the concept of “value drivers.”
  • Learn to identify the specific value drivers for a given business.
  • Determine the value drivers most relevant to that business’s profitability.
  • Calculate, assess and analyze how those value drivers impact profitability and growth.
  • Develop a value drivers scorecard that identifies key strategic financial metrics.

Session 3: November 13, 2024
Capstone Case Preparation
  • Work in small groups to apply the learnings from Sessions 1 and 2 to your assigned business:
    • Apply and assess the Return Driven Strategy Framework.
    • Identify the value drivers.
    • Determine which value drivers are most impactful to the business.
    • Assess the identified value drivers.
    • Develop recommendations to improve profitability and growth.
    • Develop your capstone case study report.

Session 4: November 14, 2024
Capstone Case Report Delivery and Assessment
  • Complete your capstone case study report.
  • Present your team’s case study, including strategic analysis and recommendations.
  • Receive feedback on the analysis and recommendations.
  • Discuss how to implement the program learnings in your firm and address the barriers to success.

The Faculty:

Mark Frigo

Mark Frigo, PhD, CPA
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business


Todd ShapiroTodd Shapiro
Former President and CEO, Illinois CPA Society
Named Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting by Accounting Today

The fee for the entire 4-part series is $4,000 and includes 32 CPE credits. Grants for 50% reimbursement are available on a first come, first served basis - see below for more info.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the Strategy Academy program upon approval of their application.

The application deadline is October 4, 2024.

Want help paying for the Strategy Academy?

The Strategy Academy qualifies for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP), where firms in Illinois can apply for a grant that reimburses 50% of the program costs of staff participation.

For more information, visit:
Or contact: Pati Flannery, ETIP Consultant, Chamber Staff [email protected] | 312.610.0517

Hear What Others Said About The Strategy Academy:

“Great program covering a much-needed skillset for the profession.”
“Loved the practical applications.”
“Going through practical exercise and same scale examples made it easier to understand.”