This award recognizes educators who have made significant contributions to the education of accounting students through their leadership, teaching excellence, and active involvement in the accounting profession.

  1. 4-year college with a graduate accounting program
  2. 4-year college without a graduate program
  3. 2-year College/Community/Junior college
  1. Nominees must currently be an Illinois educator at a community college, college, or university
  2. Nominees must have a minimum of 5 years full-time teaching experience held consecutively
  3. Nominees must have made continuous and outstanding contributions to the education of accounting students. Educators who are noted for their teaching abilities, but are now predominantly involved in administration of research are eligible for the award.
  4. Nominees with a CPA are highly desired, but not required. Nominees may also have previously received their CPA, but no longer practice
  5. Nominees do not need to hold a doctoral degree or be an Illinois CPA Society member.
  6. Nominees must have not already received this award
  7. Primary criteria to be considered in making the selection:
    • Excellence in teaching
    • Student motivation and mentoring
    • Educational Innovation
    • Contributions to the academic community, and/or to the accounting profession
Required Application Materials:
  1. Nominee Statement – no more than four pages.
    Must include the following headings:
    • Opening Statement
    • Excellence in Teaching
    • Excellence in Student Motivation and Mentoring
    • Educational Innovation
    • Contributions to the academic community, and/or the accounting profession
    • Conclusion
  2. Student Letters of Recommendation – Three recent letters from current or former students addressing the criteria for the award

  3. Teaching Evaluation Report – A brief listing of the courses you teach and your evaluation by course for the last three to five years submitted directly to the Society by the person to whom you report (e.g., Department Chair, Dean, Associate Dean).

  4. Curriculum Vitae – Must include the following components: (even if you must specify none for any of the items)
    • Education
    • Professional Certifications (Licensed or Registered CPA is required)
    • Professional Memberships (Illinois CPA Society membership is not required)
    • Work Experience (Educational and Professional, including sabbaticals and consulting projects, if any)
    • Recognitions, Awards, Honors (all recognitions, professional-related or otherwise)
    • Community & Professional Service (indicate years of service and chair or member)
    • University Service (Committees, Councils, etc. – indicate years of service and chair or member)
    • Courses Taught
    • Publications, if any (Please include only those within the past five years)
    • Citations of Research, if any (Please note this is a teaching award; thus, research is not a requirement)
    • Professional Conference Presentations, if any
    • Other activities not included above, if any
Completed packet must be less than 20 pages. Information beyond that requested will not be considered. If you cannot provide any of the required information, please include the reason in the nominee statement.