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5 Ways to Embrace a Growth Mindset

It’s all about attitude when it comes to a CPA’s success. By Sarah Johnson Dobek | Digital Exclusive - 2018


In my work with CPAs across the country, I’ve noticed the ways in which attitude impacts a firm’s success around marketing and business development. This observation is directly linked to the reason why some firms thrive while others struggle. In most firms, a key part of marketing and business development is having an open mindset about trying new things. Having an attitude that embraces growth is crucial to a successful growth formula.

Here are 5 tips to help you embrace and improve your growth mindset.

1. Practice Gratitude.

Acknowledging what you are grateful for can have a very powerful influence on your overall outlook. This practice can make you feel better by shifting your mindset to a more optimistic one. When you focus on the good you have, you’ll be less worried about the things you lack. In business, this translates as developing your leadership skills.

2. Choose to be successful.

As accountants, you are trained to find the errors in everything. This developed sense leads most CPAs to doubt the effectiveness of growth efforts. A silver bullet to doubt: becoming an active participant in your perspective. Making the decision to walk toward growth is the first step in embracing the road ahead.

3. See challenges, not problems.

At some point, you will hit a roadblock. Your mindset in the face of adversity will determine if you grow or stall out. When you start seeing roadblocks as challenges rather than problems, your perspective will change. Instead of seeing a problem that needs to be fixed, you’ll see a challenge that can be accomplished. Practice growth vernacular alongside a growth mindset – if your words don’t match your attitude, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

4. Embrace the journey.

Part of marketing and business development success is trying new things and making a few mistakes along the way. Many CPAs fear marketing and business development because it’s unfamiliar territory. By viewing business development as a journey, you will give yourself permission to look forward to new experiences and a reprieve when you occasionally fail or falter.

5. Celebrate your wins.

Successful CPAs recognize and celebrate their wins. If you followed up with a prospect after a networking event, celebrate that baby step! If you just closed your first big deal, revel in your victory! We can lose focus on our progress when we have our eyes on people who are further along in their career or when we experience a few losses. The key to keeping your tank full is letting yourself feel joy and accomplishment over your successes. The key to moving forward is drawing on a growth mindset and grateful attitude to fuel your next steps.

Sarah Johnson Dobek is the founder & president of Inovautus Consulting, a firm specialized in marketing and business development programs designed to help public accounting firms.


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