INSIGHT magazine's annual Special Features strive to provide thought leadership on topics of particular relevance to today's accounting and finance pros. From audit quality and the CPA brand, to diversity and filling the pipeline, these Special Features are an integral part of the Illinois CPA Society's commitment to "Enhancing the Value of the CPA Profession."


Pipeline Disruption


The search for solutions to the weakening supply of CPAs

“Why aren’t record numbers of accounting students and young professionals sitting for the CPA exam? Why does pipeline continually come up as one of the top issues facing the profession? We have to ask ourselves what can—or should—we do about it? Or, maybe more importantly, what happens if we do nothing at all?"

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2015 Special Feature - Audit Quality

2015: AUDIT QUALITY & the CPA Brand

Ongoing audit quality issues impact both you and the CPA profession. So what are we going to do about it? In the first of our INSIGHT Magazine Special Features, we explore the issue of audit quality, its potential impact on the CPA brand, its challenges from the auditor and reviewer standpoint, and where the search for a solution may lead us.

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