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In supporting the Illinois CPA Society’s mission of “enhancing the value of the CPA profession,” and serving as a voice backing the Society’s broader initiatives, INSIGHT Magazine and its family of supporting publications aim to encourage and inspire Illinois’ accounting, business, and finance professionals to create positive change in their professional and personal lives and communities through relevant, meaningful, and insightful thought leadership, news, and information.

With the added goal of helping our diverse readers do their jobs better and get better jobs, we craft content aimed at helping professionals at all stages of their careers engage in navigating the trends and challenges impacting the CPA profession and business communities they serve.

We focus on the people behind the numbers, how the numbers impact the people, and how the people impact the profession.

Frequency & Distribution

INSIGHT is published quarterly, with issues in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. INSIGHT is free to members of the Illinois CPA Society. INSIGHT is available in print, online and as a digital edition.

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We strongly encourage the sharing of our digital content and welcome reprint requests for our exclusive articles. All reprints require proper attribution. Please contact us with your reprint requests.

Writing for INSIGHT

Freelance writers, industry experts, and ICPAS members who have an interest in contributing to INSIGHT are invited to submit original manuscripts for review and potential publication. We’re always looking for new and engaging areas of interest, and topics we frequently focus on include:

> Corporate Finance Trends and Leadership
> Practice Management and Business Development
> Emerging Trends in Professional Services Industries
> Technology
> Leadership Strategy
> Career & Professional Development
> Young Professionals
> Diversity & Inclusion
> The Economy (regional, national, and global)
> Tax
> Fraud
> Human Resources

We strongly suggest that you read recent issues of the magazine to acquaint yourself with the type of work we publish before submitting a manuscript. Freelance writers should include fee requirements in their correspondence. We ask that all written pieces be submitted as Word documents. Articles generally run 1,000-2,000 words in length for print, and 600-1,000 words for digital exclusives. Please format in Arial, 10pt font size, double-spaced, and follow AP Style to the best of your abilities.


INSIGHT is an award-winning publication read by more than 24,000 professionals across the nation and around the world.

Graphic Design USA, American Inhouse Design Award for "The Culture Conflicts"
Communications Concepts Apex Award of Excellence for Feature Writing, “10 Worst Business Decisions Ever Made” (Spring 2014 Edition)
2014 Association Trends All Media Contest, Gold Award for Annual or Quarterly Magazines or Journals
2013 Apex Award of Excellence, Magazines & Journals, Publication Excellence
2012 Apex Award of Excellence, Magazines & Journals, Publication Excellence
2011 Magnum Opus Bronze Award, All-Around Publication Winner, Best Association Publication
2011 Apex Award of Excellence, Magazines & Journals, Publication Excellence
2011 Graphic Design USA, American In-House Design Awards, Certificate of Excellence, Publication Design
2010 Magnum Opus Silver Award, Best CSR/Green Series or Article
2009 Magnum Opus Honorable Mention, Best CSR/Green Series or Article
2008 Apex Award, Magazine & Journal Writing
2007 Magnum Opus Award, Best All-around Association Publication
2006 Apex Award, Magazines & Journals
2006 Apex Award, Magazine & Journal Writing
2004 Apex Award, Magazines & Journals
2004 Apex Award, Magazine & Journal Writing
2002 Apex Award, Magazine & Journal Writing
2002 Chicago Women in Publishing Excellence Award, Writing/Editing
2001 Apex Award, Feature Writing, "When in Rome."
2001 Apex Award, Best Redesigns
2000 Apex Award, Magazine & Journal Writing
2000 Apex Award, Best Rewrites

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