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5 Traits of a Truly Terrible Resume

Want to see what your resume looks like as a scrunched up ball? We didn't think so. By Judy Giannetto | Digital Exclusive - 2017

Bad Resume

We’ve all been guilty of loading up our resumes with anything and everything in a desperate bid to show recruiters we’re skilled professionals, avid volunteers and accomplished go-getters. But there are things that can catapult you right past the “yes” and “maybe” piles and straight into the trashcan. Here are five of them.

1. The controversial

Remember that time you volunteered for the Society for Anti-authoritarianism? Yeah, well, don’t put it on your resume.

2. The obvious

You know how to use the Internet? That’s great! We’re truly happy for you.

3. The weird

Your penchant for bovine bingo is probably better left to the knowledge of family and friends—and only family and friends.

4. The objective

“My objective: To secure a dynamic position within your industry leading company.” Really? We never would have guessed. Oh wait, is that why you sent us your resume?

5. The clichéd

Team-player? Detail-oriented? Yep, pretty much yawnsville.

Want to stand out? Give them actual accomplishments supported by hard data, like, “I developed and implemented procedures that boosted department productivity by 30%.” Wow, you’re hired!

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