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Introducing a new CPE model for a new age in learning. By Ralph Gaillard, M.Ed., Chief Learning Director, Illinois CPA Society | Spring 2016

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Disruption. It’s everywhere. From smartphones and their constant stream of apps, to Netflix and Amazon with their original content and direct-to-consumer distribution models.

It’s no different when it comes to professional education. To truly thrive today, tomorrow and beyond, we need to embrace disruption, shed antiquated methods and adapt.

Let’s be honest; sitting in a classroom or conference watching instructors spout “wisdom” for eight hours straight is boring as hell. So let’s do it differently. Let’s disrupt “CPE” and what you’ve come to expect from professional “learning.”

Research proves that we have a better chance of retaining new information if we’re involved in the learning process. That’s why the Society’s new ENGAGE Model is at the heart of a “learner-first” strategy that’s transforming online and live learning events. As the name suggests, it’s all about driving presenter and attendee involvement. ENGAGE is also about getting the brain to its happy place so it can relax and acquire and retain all the new skills and knowledge we have to offer.

Every letter in ENGAGE stands for a milestone in the life cycle of an event:

E - Energize the learner
Getting people excited and focused on the class or event before it even begins through activities like watching a video or reading a brief article that’s related to the course topic.

N - Navigate content
Introducing new content in a variety of ways that go beyond lecturing, such as case studies, graphics, videos, stories and other exercises to get people involved.

G - Generate meaning
Moving what you learn from your short-term to your long-term memory, using surveys and group discussions to explore uses for the new skills you’ve learned and to make them stick.

A - Apply to the real world
Think role-playing and simulations that mirror actual tasks that you’d perform in your job, such as audits, conversations with clients, and coaching a new hire.

G - Gauge & celebrate
Using the fun and competitiveness of games to advance you to the next level. Recent research suggests that when you’re feeling confident in the classroom and have a positive frame of mind, your brain releases Myelin, which cements new knowledge.

E - Extend the learning
Providing opportunities to help you remember and reinforce your new skills. For example, follow-up emails that recap key learning objectives.

The ENGAGE Model doesn’t end there. Our new one-hour “CPE Newscasts” feature interviews with subject matter experts who present you with new information through a conversation rather than a stagnant lecture. Oh, and there are some polls, quizzes and, of course, prizes to go along with your Newscast experience.

Curious? Stop by a future ICPAS online or live event. Just follow the sound of happy, laughing learners, and you’ll know you’re there.