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Be a CPA

Five reasons you shouldn't second guess sitting for the CPA Exam.
Sarah Herrmann ICPAS Assistant Director, Member Outreach

As someone who works closely with our student and young professional members, I’m always keeping a pulse on the CPA Exam. That’s why, when I heard that the percentage of students pursuing their CPA after graduation was decreasing, it was a major concern.

Additionally, the April 2017 changes to the CPA Exam have caused a lot of anxiety throughout college campuses. And so, to help address this issue, the Illinois CPA Society launched a “Be a CPA” integrated marketing campaign last spring. The aim of this campaign is to help raise awareness of all the great things associated with having the CPA credential.

Of course, I enlisted the help of the Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC) to ensure we got it right. YLAC provided valuable insights into what the credential means to them. Several members also participated in a video to promote the credential, which has been a hit on college campuses.  

These are the five main reasons we believe sitting for the CPA Exam is essential.

1. Better Opportunities

The CPA credential gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace, and conveys to employers that you have the commitment and stamina to succeed in the profession—and to make a very real contribution to their organizations.

2. Prestige & Credibility

That same commitment and stamina reflects on you as an individual—both professionally and personally.

3. Diverse Careers

The CPA credential opens doors. Whether your goal is to work for one of the Big Four, venture into the world of corporate finance, or join the ranks of a dynamic startup, the CPA earmarks you as the one for the job.

4. Social Impact  

CPAs have become widely known and respected as watchdogs of the common good. When it comes to ethical standards and fighting against fraud, CPAs are on the frontlines.

5. More Money

Needless to say, the CPA credential earns a premium, and gives you a notable edge in salary negotiations.

Our goal is to debunk myths about the Exam, demonstrate a compelling reason to pursue the credential, and provide resources and encouragement to complete the Exam.

What does the CPA credential mean to you? Why did you sit for the CPA Exam and why should a student sit for it now? I challenge our members to think about these questions and become ambassadors for this important and prestigious credential.

Find Out More

Visit us for more information about the CPA Exam and Illinois CPA Society resources, including:
1. The CPA Exam Award, which covers the NASBA fee.
2. Discounts on CPA Exam review courses.
3. A discount on the required Ethics Exam.
4. Overview and facts brochure detailing the process for applying and sitting for the CPA Exam in Illinois.
5. Updates on changes to the Exam, launching 4.1.17.

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